Jeep Sale and Ranger Pickup

The Olden Days in the Jeep

For the last 6 years, I’ve driven around in a 2005 Jeep Wrangler. It was a fun vehicle that did well in the snow, could be taken off road, and had a soft-top that could easily be removed on sunny days (which turns out I rarely ever did).

We had some fun times together
She looked great even up until the end

After some time with the car, I realized that it wasn’t the most efficient vehicle for what I needed. It was loud, got poor gas mileage, and wasn’t known for its excess luggage space. It also became evident that you can’t lock-up anything securely inside a soft-top Jeep. While I loved the car, it was time to sell. It took me a few months to get comfortable with the idea, and finally in May of 2020, someone made a cash offer.

All I have left

Ranger to the Rescue

I have always been interested in smaller pickup trucks, and felt they were a decent cross between fuel economy and the utility of a truck. In May of 2020, I took a 2011 Ford Ranger for a test drive and loved it. It felt nostalgic of the trucks I drove back when I worked for the Parks Department in the town I grew up in.

Dirty socks on the mirror not included

I purchased the Ranger at a decent price. While it did come with a camper shell included, it was the 2WD version of the truck, and the 4-cylinder engine had limited towing/hauling capacity.

Happy Camper

We’ve taken the truck out on a few camping trips now, and even slept inside the camper. While it isn’t the easiest to get in and out of, it is comfortable and warm. Surprisingly, the 2WD Ranger does pretty well off-road as long as things are dry and not too steep.

Camping outside of Weaverville, June 2020

While I miss the Jeep, I am very happy with the truck. I think it is a better fit for my lifestyle, and having a truck bed to lug things around in has already come in handy. We’ve made some small improvements to make things more comfortable when camping, which has led to some fun projects.

First trip sleeping in the back

Ranger Updates

    • Camping
    • DIY
    • Ranger

    – We made a few small improvements to the truck bed and camper to make things more comfortable.

    • Camping
    • Ranger
    • Woodworking

    – We added a simple shelf to the truck bed to make sleeping and storing camping gear easier.

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