Work Portfolio

The majority of these sites were built with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM/CQ5) or WordPress.

Here is a current resume.


The Rolfing® Tree

  • Developed custom WordPress theme from scratch for local small business owner; helped facilitate content creation and organization
  • Included basic performance optimizations such as responsive images, code minification, semantic HTML5 elements, and CSS/SVG inlining
  • Fully responsive site with mobile navigation

PowerPuck Splash Page

  • Primary developer for fully responsive, parallax style website built with AEM; content fully editable using AEM Authoring interface
  • Developed within tight timeline; majority of development completed within 4 days
  • Features CSS animations triggered via emerging Intersection Observer API browser standard

IDEAL Nationals

  • Primary developer for AEM site templates and components; ported existing JavaScript to integrate with Google Maps and custom data API via REST/JavaScript
  • Built-out complex registration dialog flow using ReactJS components, with data persisting to a third-party RESTful API; as of June 2018, dialogs used by over 8,500 people to register for nationwide competitions

SK Handtools

  • Responsible for development of frontend theme (HTML/CSS)
  • Wrote custom JavaScript enabling add-to-cart and shared user logged-in state between AEM and Magento environments

Personal Blog and Portfolio

  • Developed custom WordPress theme from scratch with modern web practices including Let’s Encrypt SSL encryption, Semantic HTML5 elementsResponsive Images, Open Graph meta tags, dynamic Search Engine XML sitemap, etc.
  • Performance optimizations include use of AWS CloudFront CDN, HTTP cache-control headers, code minification, selective CSS inlining, image compression/optimization plugins, etc.
  • Built with modern development tools including WebPack 4, SASS, Babel; self-hosted on DigitalOcean droplet with AWS CloudFront CDN passthrough

(Private) Custom GIS Web Search Application

  • Developed feature rich web search application for government/INTEL client
  • Performed front-end web development in React / Flux environment with ES6 features; utilized HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in modern gulp-based workflow
  • Developed back-end modules in Python Django and Java Spring environments; created RESTful endpoints, performed data persistence/ORM, and interacted with remote web services
  • Interacted with RESTful APIs hosted by partner organizations exposing JSON, XML, and satellite imagery
  • Built data connectors into GIS datasets including flat files (e.g. OSM XML, SHP, KML, NITF/raster), Postgres/PostGIS, RESTful APIs (e.g. ESRI), and OGC standard Web Services (i.e. WMS, WFS)
  • Lead software deployment and debugging sessions in production Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments; often requires application debugging, network/connectivity testing, and OS/webserver reconfiguration

Naval History Museum

  • Primary developer for several of the AEM templates and components including the homepage, navigation, breadcrumbs, and roll-over image cards
  • Created Java-based content migration scripts to migrate content from variety of source formats including HTML, DOC, and XML; wrote bulk importers to load image assets into the AEM DAM and automatically create pages featuring image metadata
  • Created DANFs Ship Indexing OSGi Service, which dynamically indexes over 10,000 AEM pages into an easy-to-use interface


  • Lead developer supporting site migration from legacy system; created custom AEM components that sourced data from different areas in the JCR and communicated to frontend via RESTful JSON API
  • Created weekly batch process to import XML source data into AEM JCR using Java OSGi Service; data was then published and searchable via a web interface, which relied on AEM’s QueryBuilder to gather search results (also exposed to JSP via OSGi Service)

Navy CNIC Public Website

  • Performed site maintenance and minor feature enhancements on both frontend and backend
  • Implemented custom AEM workflows to enforce content approval process for over 500 active content authors
  • Rolled out mobile site rendering on modern devices and IE 7+
  • Created interactive frontend map component with JavaScript/jQuery and CSS; data stored in JSON file for easy maintenance