Camper Shelf


The camper shell on the truck meant there was a possibility we could sleep inside the vehicle when camping. The bed was exactly 6ft long, and wide enough for two.

We mocked up a few designs and scoured YouTube for simple shelve setups, which ended up being moot since the bed liner had slots for 2x4s built in.

The slots for 2x4s made designing the shelf much easier

All we needed were some 2x4s and a sheet of plywood. After a trip to the local lumberyard, we were set.

Testing out the new shelf

The shelf has worked great on the hand full of trips we’ve taken it on. Since we are using an air mattress, it can tight squeezing in and out of the truck. Maybe we’ll switch to more low profile foam mattress in the future. But for now, this setup is working great.

Tight squeeze, but a cozy stay

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