Eugene the Cara Cara Orange Tree

Seeing citrus trees growing everywhere was not something I was used to growing up in Virginia. In January of 2020, I became interested in trying to grow a citrus tree of my own.

My girlfriend had lemon and lime trees growing successfully in pots on her balcony, so I knew it could be done in an apartment setting. It also made sense to get started early since trees can take several years before producing fruit.

In early February, I purchased a 1 1/2 year old Cara Cara orange tree from a nearby nursery in Pleasanton. Cost me around $60, the most I had even paid for a plant. I brought it home to my apartment in Oakland and built a redwood box, hoping the tree would have at least a few years before outgrowing it.

I decided to name the tree Eugene, after a eclectic former co-worker of mine who loved Cara Cara oranges. I plan to chronicle Eugene’s life with pictures and posts here!

Updates on Eugene

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    – The time came to move Eugene to his new home in Pleasanton. We’ll see if he prefers the heat and sunshine over the temperate and breezy weather of the Bay.

    • Gardening
    • Woodworking

    – I created a planter box for my Cara Cara Orange Tree Eugene. Includes some photos and commentary about constructing the box.