New Home in Pleasanton


Due to events completely outside of Eugene’s control (me moving in with my girlfriend in Pleasanton), it was time to move Eugene from his comfortable stoop in Oakland to a hot and sunny balcony in Pleasanton.

This would be the true test if citrus likes heat more then temperate 70 degree days with wind (which he enjoyed and thrived in in Oakland).

I packed up Eugene in my truck along with a few other items involved with the move.

Once we arrived in Pleasanton, we did some minor re-arranging of the patio to find a nice sunny spot of Eugene.

Eugene holding down his corner of the patio

He now enjoys the back corner of the patio. He is very visible from the couch (which I like), and he’ll get plenty of heat and sunshine (which hopefully he’ll like).

Our complete patio, with Eugene’s new place carved out in the back left

We’ll check back in in a few months to see how he does!

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