Murphy’s Wildlife Camera Captures – Feb 2023


My dad got me a wildlife trail cam as a birthday gift back in 2022, and I finally got around to setting it up at the property. I am amazed at how well this thing works! Below are captures from January 20th to February 10th 2023. There are definitely some adorable critters, and even a few surprises!


Glad they travel in pairs!


Mother and her fawn
Same mother and fawn heading the other direction?
A big group this time


Making his rounds
In a hurry this time


Is he trying to grab what’s in his mouth? LOL
Checking us out from across the way

The Big Surprise!!

A bobcat – scariest part is he’s on the prowl at 5:30pm in the afternoon!
Bigfoot! Oh, no that’s just me trying to find a good spot for the camera

Quail and Birds

Quail, California state bird. Noisy little critters!
Magpies? Not sure

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