Makeshift COVID Work Desk


We’re all working from home during COVID. Sienna, being a teacher, needed more space to teach remotely than I did as a programmer. As such, I got bumped out of our home office and into the living room.

We realized we had enough scrap wood around to put together a quick and dirty desk that I could work from.

The finished desk, in use by Oliver, the Business Gato

Cutting the Wood to Size with a new Track Saw

I recently did some work for a friend, and he repaid me by sending me a new track saw and guide rail. He opted for the cordless option so that I could use it to make cuts without power at the property in Murphys. What an amazing gift!

I quickly learned that this was a plunge saw, which was slightly different than the circular saws I had used. The blade is contained, and plunges downward into the material only during cutting. I practiced making plunge cuts while cutting 2x2s to length for the table legs.

The track saw is also extremely useful when cutting plywood. Using the guide rail helps keep cuts straight, when ordinarily they would wobble when done with a circular saw. Sadly I forgot to take a photo of cutting the plywood down to size..

Joinery: Pocket Screws

I drilled 2 pocket holes into each leg using a Kreg Pocket Hole jig I got for my birthday. The wood was soft and the holes came easy.

Drilling the holes with the help of the jig
Close up of one of the pocket screw connections

Finished Product

Once the legs were attached, the desk was complete! It was fun to play around with some new tools, and get some more practice with pocket screws (still impressed at how tightly they hold). Looking forward to the next project!

Pretty darn excited..

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