Fourth of July Haul and Shower Setup


We took a load of materials and gear we had been accumulating up to the property over 4th of July weekend. None of the cities in our area were doing fireworks celebrations due to COVID-19, so we figured this wound be the next best way to spend the holiday.

Here I am, really excited that I was able to pack in and secure everything

More for Comfort

In addition to some scrap lumber, we brought up a blue pop-up tent, solar lights, a wooden pallet (for use with the shower below), a rug, and some other equipment and tools.

Hillbilly Villa

We tried to mount a 2×4 post to support the solar lights, but couldn’t find a good surface. We ended up with a bit of a hodge-podge solution that works great, but I hope we can eventually replace it with a post cemented into the ground.


Being able to shower after working in the hot Murphys sun all day sounded like a delight. We purchased a portable shower system similar to this. The system worked well, and included:

  1. A portable water pump, powered from the car’s cigarette lighter hookup, pumped water from a bucket up into the heater box.
  2. A heater box then used propane to heat the water.
  3. The heated water was then pushed up to the shower head.

We set up the shower around the back of the shed, and used a wooden pallet as the base. We had some leftover plywood from removing a dividing wall in the shed that we propped up for “privacy”.

The makings of a comfortable shower

Bigfoot Sightings

We take every precaution when spraying Poison Oak

After spraying some weeds (we’re hoping Natria can take care of them), we tidied up for the night and took showers. We enjoyed a small fire in our burn barrel, and listened to some of the close-by neighborhood firework shows. What a lovely 4th of July.

The Villa almost looks inviting

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