Walking Tour of the Lower Property


Below are a few video that Sienna took (and narrated!) on our last visit. Maps are also included after each video to help locate where on the property they were shot.

Manzanita Trees on the South-facing Hill

Starting where the south-facing hill meets the wooded area, we can see some of the miner trenches, and manzanita trees that just keep growing.

Walking along the Lower Property Line

Walking along the property line at the bottom of the property, with views of the shaded county lot just south, and a stroll on the county easement road.

Easement Road and Shortcut to Downtown

Checking out some old mining history, and the secret critter trail we use to get from the easement road up to the main clearing.

Tour of the Shed

Sienna also took a narrated video tour of the shed, and how we’ve (read: she’s) worked to make it a more comfortable place to visit and spend time. Be sure to check it out also:

Video Tour of the Shed

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