Video Tour of the Shed


Thanks to Sienna’s tireless efforts, the shed is now really comfortable. We sleep on a futon (instead of an air mattress), and have the ability to take a warm shower at the end of the day. Check out the video Tour below!

More Wood for the Pile

Not exactly street legal..

While visiting last week, we brought up a few more supplies (lumber, 20 gallon water jug, gas container, mirrors). Hopefully on our next trip up, we’ll fire up the generator, and use some power tools to start construction of our much anticipated (and deliberated over) shade structure.

A Lovely Getaway

Sienna cooking breakfast

Sienna was smart in saying that we shouldn’t think of the property as only a place to work and do projects. On the middle day of our visit, we had a leisurely morning, did a nearby hike, and walked to a bistro for dinner in Murphys 🙂

We found a little bullfrog outside of the Murphys Pub

Things to look Forward To

It’s exciting to spend time thinking about all of the possibilities. We’re excited for friends and family to visit, and check out the surrounding area. While the property is MUCH more comfortable than when we started, there are still a few things we’re working on..

Not exactly an eco-resort

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